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Men,What's Holding you Back?

For me, it was fear and perfectionism. And I still battle these demons daily. And it is a battle that impacts every arena of my personal, family and professional life.

Fear of failure.

Fear of finances.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of others' opinions of me.

Fear of not obtaining my dreams for my family.

Fear of failing to accomplish what God desires for me.

I felt called to greatness, but not perfectionism. I know God did not create me or any of us for mediocrity. So I have had to learn to let go of my fears.

I had no idea how much my subconscious was being wired against everything my heart wanted to do.

It was being influenced by society, the friends I chose to hang around, my lack of taking care of my health. And I certainly didn't know then what we now know today -- that over 95% of our actions are driven by our subconscious. Man, I had a lot to rewire there! So much fear and negativity. It was so depressing to me.

Fear was killing my dream to do something great for God. To think back at how much time I lost with every "I can't today . . ." or simply "I can't _______".

Looking back, each one cost me years. I was so petrified to fail. I never wanted to admit I needed help, and then blamed not having it for the reason of my paralysis in moving forward.

You see, I had faith. But it was largely theoretical, doctrinal, dogmatic faith. I knew my faith well. But did I have faith, practically speaking?

Did I really trust God?

Did I really believe that he had put his desires in my heart and that I was capable of acting on them?

Like a Father who gives his son a bicycle with training wheels and then is excited the day He can take them off and say him, "Go, son! Ride! Go!"

While I conveyed confidence to others on the outside, inside I was insecure and never wanted those training wheels to come off.

I was afraid of crashing.

The only times I made progress were when God put somebody on my path to give me permission to dream again -- not in some materialistic, self-centered way. But pursuing God's unique desire for me that He inscribed in my heart the moment He created me.

Yes, it sounds weird, "give permission to dream," but NOBODY was encouraging me to pursue my dreams! It was always the same uninspired false charity and ill-guided counsel to seek a life of safety over significance. In other words, be satisfied with mediocrity and unfulfilment like the majority of the world. That's just life.

I hated this "life by default" mentality. I guess, "I can do all things in Him Who strengthens me" only applies to about 3% of the world's population and I'm predetermined not to be in that group.

I was always left restless because I knew we were all made for more.

I was made to be a better husband.

I was made to manage God's money wisely and lucratively.

I was made to be an influencer that changed others' lives.

I was made to be a teacher, a speaker and a coach that helps pull the veil from the eyes of others so they can see.

I was made to found the Fulton Sheen Institute.

But how would I realize these things in my life?

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If any of this resonates with you, book a call with me and let's stop wasting time.

What do you have to lose? One call with me may be all you need to begin to turn things around.

God's plan and mission for YOU is waiting, and ONLY YOU can fulfill that.

So, CLICK HERE and book a call with me and let’s discover what is holding you back.

God love you,

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Keep up with the latest news and updates!

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