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 ---- Chris Stefanick, Real Life Catholic, REBOOT event 

“Fulton Sheen isn’t done with us yet! His life and message show us that LIFE IS WORTH LIVING. His beatification is a powerful moment of grace, and a call from God to relook at his work. And there’s no better man than Peter Howard to help your people tap into this moment! He’s the expert on Sheen, and more, how to apply his message to life today.

 ---- Christopher West, President

Theology of the Body Institute

"There is scarcely a talk I’ve given in the last 25 years in which I haven’t quoted Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  It’s an honor for me to recommend the work of Dr. Peter Howard, one of the world’s foremost experts on Sheen. He’s an inspiring speaker who knows the life and wisdom of this great evangelist inside and out, and he is effective in showing how needed the teaching of Fulton Sheen is to transform our culture into one of life and hope. If you're looking to introduce your parish to this future saint in an inspiring, challenging and humorous way, I can't think of a better person for you than Peter Howard."

 ---- Fr. Nathan Cromly, CSJ

President, St John Institute

“There is a significant reason God has timed Fulton Sheen’s beatification for this critical hour of history. Sheen understood our times better than we do and knew the remedies that will restore our culture back to God. And Dr. Howard understands Sheen better than anyone I know. A powerful way to be a leader in today’s Catholic world is to bring Dr. Howard to your community and listen to Sheen’s prophetic wisdom reawaken and reignite your soul for Christ.

 ---- Fr. Ivan Nienhaus, Pastor, St. Patrick Parish

Cedar Rapids, IA

“Dr. Peter Howard’s knowledgeable presentations on Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen give testimony that the Fulton Sheen is truly a prophet for our times. There is probably no one in America who can better articulate both the life and message of Archbishop Fulton Sheen than Dr. Peter Howard."

endorsements of

Dr. PeteR Howard's BOOK

"The Woman"

The Woman reveals the profound role Mary is called to play in the mystery of salvation. It also reveals the brilliant theological insight of Venerable Fulton Sheen. But Peter Howard’s work also demonstrates, and imitates, the missionary hearts of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of Archbishop Sheen. In this book, their hearts, formed for the salvation of souls, speak to ours. The Woman is a wonderful resource for Mariology in the era of the New Evangelization.” 

— Most Rev. James D. Conley,

Bishop of the Diocese of Lincoln, Neb.

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Dale Ahlquist_edited.jpg

“We tend to think of Archbishop Sheen as the appealing television preacher, the best-selling writer, the Catholic celebrity with ecumenical appeal. Of his greatness there is no question. But we have overlooked the amazing depth of his spiritual and theological insight. Peter Howard takes us there in a way that will come as a surprise to many: through Sheen’s writings on the figure in whom all the Church’s sublime mystics converge: the Mother of God.” ​

— Dale Ahlquist, President and Founder

of the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton 

The Woman is an extraordinary work that more fully opened my eyes to the gift that Fulton Sheen is to the Church and to the depth of insight available to us through reflection on Mary’s participation in our redemption. Dr. Howard has provided both a scholarly and accessible treatment that will draw the reader’s heart ever more deeply into the heart of the Church.” 

— Dan Burke, President of the Avila Foundation, Executive Director of EWTN's National Catholic Register

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