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Visions of our future:
Fulton sheen's plan to rebuild  America

This event  is an engaging LIVE 3-hour broadcast event that goes right to the heart of the cultural and spiritual crises facing America today... that Ven. Fulton Sheen prophesied over 80 years ago! In it we'll discuss the enemy we're up against, the true meaning of freedom, the choice we face in America today, the critical role the Eucharist must play in turning America back to God, and how America’s special relationship with Our Blessed Mother is our greatest hope. Through Sheen's insights, dialed in to God's wisdom, we'll discover America's true path to greatness, and the hope that our best years are still ahead.

During this most critical election year, I invite you to discover Fulton Sheen's prophetic vision to rebuild America.


This event is perfect as a multi-day Parish Mission!!! Inquire today!


All events will include an opportunity for LIVE Q&A. 



A Treasure in Clay: The Life and Times of Fulton J. Sheen (90 Minutes)

This talk introduces you to the life of Fulton Sheen and his rise to the most popular evangelizer of modern times. Through quotes and video clips, Dr. Howard shows why Sheen is so beloved as well as his timeless recipe for holiness. Concludes with Q&A. (90 Minutes)

Life is STILL WORTH LIVING (90 Minutes)

After a brief overview of the archbishop’s life, Dr. Howard explores how Sheen remains an inspiration and prophet of hope for our times. Dr. Howard dives deeply into Sheen’s thought, reflecting on the current cultural chaos affecting the family, individuals and Church. He wraps up with Sheen’s “two weapons” to grow in holiness and resist this chaos. Concludes with Q&A. (90 Minutes)

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