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You will never see the mystery of Mary the same way again after reading this pioneering work in the realm of Mariology! In the Woman, Dr. Howard provides the authoritative presentation of the heart of Fulton Sheen's Marian teaching, Mary as the Mediatrix.The Woman pulls back the veil on the mystery of Mary in a way faithful to the master teaching style of Fulton Sheen. Presented primarily from a biblical perspective, Dr. Howard presents a portrait of the Blessed Virgin Mary that is not only easy to understand, but attractive to peoples of all faiths. Afterall, as Fulton Sheen describes, Mary is the realization ideal feminine in every religion and a loving mother who is closer to us than we realize. Follow Dr. Howard into this mystery that will forever change the way you will see and relate to Jesus' mother, whom He gave as our mother too!


Enjoy fresh and invigorating insights into the mystery of the one chosen to bridge a fallen humanity with the Holy Trinity…the one whose unique place in the history of salvation is unveiled by the singular title…The Woman.


“A wonderful resource for Mariology in the era of the New Evangelization.”

 ~ Bishop James D. Conley, Diocese of Lincoln, Neb.


“…an extraordinary work.”

~ Dan Burke, EWTN/National Catholic Register


"Of (Sheen's) greatness there is no question. But we have overlooked the amazing depth of his spiritual and theological insight. Peter Howard takes us there in a way that will come as a surprise to many: through Sheen’s writings on the figure in whom all the Church’s sublime mystics converge: the Mother of God.”

~ Dale Ahlquist President and Founder of The Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton

The Woman: Mary as Mediatrix In the Teachings of Fulton J. Sheen (softback)

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