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In this 4-part retreat lecture series, Dr. Howard guides you to discover the man behind the camera, Venerable Fulton Sheen, and what made him the greatest Catholic evangelizer of the 20th century in America. You will discover an extraordinarly insightful prophet and needed saint for our times. Get special insights into key moments of his life that shaped him to be the greatest communicator of the Cathoilc faith in modern times. Learn what Sheen believed were the keys to happiness in a world full of pain, disillusionment, disorientation and confusion. And get a special glimpse into the spiritual pillars which gave Sheen the power and confidence to reach souls far from God and made his so effective in being a pioneer of the "new evangelization". You will never look at Fulton Sheen the same way after this dynamic and life-changing series.

Life is STILL Worth Living Retreat

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