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Fulton Sheen aromaRosary

Ven. Fulton J. Sheen designed the World Mission rosary as a way to pray for the evangelization of the whole world. The Yellow beads represent Asia - the rising sun of the east. The Red beads represent the Americas - the blood of the American martyrs. The White beads represent Europe - the home of the Pope in Rome. The Blue beads represent Oceania - the island communities of the world. The Green beads represent Africa - the fertile soil of the veld.


This is a one-of-a-kind Fulton Sheen rosary you will not find anywhere else! And it is one of the most beauitful rosaries that will adorn your finger as you pray for the salvation of a world in desperate need to find Our Lord and His Blessed Mother.


What makes these aromaRosaries so special:


  • Built to Diffuse Essential Oils
  • Solid Bronze Metal Crucifix and Center
  • 4 Sample Oils with Every Rosary
  • Every Rosary Blesses a Ministry


The Fulton Sheen Institute is excited to partner with aromaRosary ( in offering this rosary.


The Fulton Sheen Rosary INCLUDES the aromaRosary oils. You'll love 'em!

Fulton Sheen aromaRosary

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