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The Great Humiliation and the Triumph - Part 2

Fulton Sheen left our nation with some pretty strong words in our last post. Our country (and the world) is being humiliated. But has man yet humbled himself? I agree with Sheen’s assessment when he said “not quite.”

Indeed, there have been some signs of hope with national days of prayer and invoking God to deliver us from this coronavirus pandemic. But the true and lasting conversion of heart and mind to God has “not quite” happened. It is yet to be seen.

But we are still in the great awakening as well. With each passing day, people are beginning to wake up to the fragility of our democratic, economic and social “system", which has lost its bearing.

Only weeks ago, Americans woke up and found that their bill of rights essentially disappeared — the most tragic losses are the right to peacefully assemble and exercise your faith —all to fight the Novel COVID-19 virus. Most of those decisions, I believe, were made with the best of intentions. However, little calculation seems to have gone into where these decisions would ultimately lead.

Now there are discussions about forced vaccinations and health passport cards and using cell phones to track our every move to make sure we are complying with state mandates and social distancing. Search any of one those topics and you will be surprised to see what is being discussed at the highest levels of power. Today, the truth is stranger than fiction.

And we must never overlook or underestimate the power of precedent. If something is permitted once, why not again and again and again . . . until it’s permanent? There’s a general truism that once you concede a power to the government, you will never get it back.

Well, our present situation is case in point. Hence, the unfolding humiliation in which we find ourselves. And that humiliation will continue until man humbles himself before God, turns back to Him wholeheartedly, and makes reparations for his offenses against God. That's the biblical way.

It is very interesting to note once again the words of Fulton Sheen that nothing comes out of heaven without the greatest fitness of detail. Was it merely coincidence that heaven sent the Blessed Virgin Mary to Fatima, Portugal just prior to the “Spanish flu” of 1918 warning that if the world doesn’t return to God, greater evils than World War I would come upon the world? Of course not.

Mary came to warn of what she called the “errors of Russia” (the key ones were listed in Part 1 on this topic) which have infected our nation’s morals, economics, politics and culture at large. Grave consequences would result if we ignored heaven’s warning.

But, Mary didn’t come just to warn and diagnose the sickness and emptiness of the world’s, heart but to prescribe the remedy that would fix that . If the world applies Mary’s remedy, it would bring about what Our Blessed Mother called the “triumph of her Immaculate Heart”.

Here’s the 4-part remedy:

  1. Pray the Rosary every day for peace and an end to all war (among families, between spouses, between nations, etc.). The Rosary helps us to put on the mind of Christ and invoke the powerful intercession of Our Blessed Mother in all of life’s trials.

  2. Make reparations for our sins (personal, national, from within the Church). Think of Jesus’ sacrificial love that moved Him to suffer His Passion and death for YOU. Then think of ways you can imitate that to repair for the sins of others that offend God and destroy unity in the world (e.g. fast, give up TV, take a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament)

  3. Consecrate yourself and your family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Essentially, imitate what God Himself did and entrust all that you are and have to Mary and allow her to guide you to know and fulfill as perfectly as possible God’s will for your life. Mary promise her Immaculate Heart would be our refuge in times of trial.

  4. Make acts of adoration to God throughout the day. This is one way to make reparations for the root cause of today’s evils — man has abandoned God and refuses to acknowledge Him in all that he does.

This is heaven’s prescription to save America (and that of the world) and guide it to rediscover its Christian soul. It provides the path that will lead it back to God and ignite the greatest spiritual revival in history of which Fulton Sheen said was coming after the great humiliation we are now in. And this prescription is so simple that Our Blessed Mother entrusted it to a 7-year old, 9-year old and 10-year old.

It’s the ultimate stimulus plan for the whole world . . . AND IT’S FREE!

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