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Is the American Republic Dead?

"We are at the end of an era of history, just as definitely as Rome was at the end of an era when Alaric knocked at its Salarian gates." (Fulton Sheen, 1943)

I've been quoting these above prophetic words of Venerable Fulton Sheen for 15 years. The signs were ever present. Now, we are seeing their definitive fulfillment. St. John Henry Newman referred to America as the "New Rome." Now we will see within the immediate days and weeks whether or not 20 January 2021 is the official RIP for the American Republic.

I am watching to see what the significance is of 65,000 fully armed US military troops who are "stationed" for at least 30 days in the new Fort Washington D.C. Why President Trump handed over governing power to the military less than a week before he would leave Washington D.C., is a subject practically no one is even surmising. One thing for certain is that is had nothing to do with some random "protesters" who couldn't near the capitol even if they tried. Something's up.

In the meantime, the machinations of evil are already kicking into a high gear right off the bat as the "cancel culture" gleefully seeks to definitively cancel the Trump presidential legacy and the Constitution of the United States, along with its necessary Christian moral principles which guarantee its survival.

And what will replace it? Well, it has been flaunted in our face for many months now (it was more subtle in the years leading up to today). And it is hard-core communism, which will put the finishing touches of canceling out God, traditional marriage, traditional family and any semblance of freedom. And the implementation of this will be what is called "The Great Reset" -- an engineered economic collapse that will force citizens to cry out for help that will be offered by the government in exchange for your freedom. Don't believe me? Well, you better take the course I am offering for free at the moment because it explains EVERYTHING we are facing and how to defeat it provided we Catholics wake up, watch and pray.

The executive orders to put this destruction of Christian America into warp speed are already being signed. These orders make an about-face of the United Stated back to everything it worked so hard over the last four years to undo: funding abortion, ties with communist China, redefining marriage and family, neutralizing and relativizing gender, destroying small businesses, our porous national border security, idiotic wishes like the green new deal which would instantly bankrupt America, the Paris climate accord which puts the value of environment over the dignity of human beings, supporting illegal immigration, canceling our nation's history and Christian moral principles. It is remarkable how many Catholics have little to no idea how much was accomplished for the pro-life cause these past four years -- more than any other president in US history! That is a fact which pro-life organizations like Priests for Life would be the first to confirm.

But, for the moment, we have to face the reality that communism has temporarily seized the highest seat in the nation and has confessed its intention to "re-program" Trump supporters, kick them out of academic institutions, fire them from their jobs, persecute them and even worse.

This is no joke. I have warned about this reality coming for over many, many years. Some laughed disingenuously dismissing the documented things I shared as "conspiracy theories" or simply couldn't "go there" emotionally because it disrupted their "comfort culture" which lulls people into moral and spiritual sleep, disengaging their vigilance in defending and building up the Kingdom of God.

Fulton Sheen called us out and prophetically warned about this very moment 80 years ago! Here is what he said:

“Our so-called liberal civilization, which is dying, is only a transitional phase between a civilization that once was Christian and one that is anti-Christian. It has no stability of its own, being based for the most part in successive negations of the Christian philosophy of life. It will end either in a return to the Christian tradition or in revulsion against it. This alone constitutes the crisis of democracy; it will either return to its roots or die.”

Honestly, America was on its way back to its roots under President Trump, but was it enough? We'll find out soon enough. At least 75 million people voted to stay that course, which is a great sign.

But evil is going for broke right now -- as we just saw in this past election. It is desperate. It lies, it cheats, it steals and if it gets away with those, next it kills. It's the demonstrated playbook of communism and it's the next play in that book. Study history. Study 1917 and the communist takeover of Russia and how swiftly it moved and how it quickly subdued a Christian nation. Then study the rise of Hitler in Germany in the 1930s and the laws passed to pave the way for the extermination all "unter menschen" ("sub-humans") -- Jews, Catholics, gypsies and all deemed "unfit" or "undesirable." When you scan the political chatter coming out from liberals today, it's the same thing.

We Catholics must wake up and do so very fast and turn to God with all our mind, with all our heart, and with all our strength. Because as Venerable Fulton Sheen emphatically stated, the war we are in is not between political parties or economic philosophies. Our problems are THEOLOGICAL. It is a war between good and evil and that war has entered its final hour:

“The means of life no longer minister to peace and order because we have perverted and forgotten the true ends of life . . . It is not our politics that has soured nor our economics that have rusted; it is our hearts. We live and act as if God had never made us.”

And it is critical that we Catholics rediscover the wisdom and prophetic insight of Fulton Sheen who foresaw our times and warned us:

“Unless there is a moral revival in our Western world (especially) and a rebirth of family life, Communism may be the instrument for the liquidation of a bourgeois civilization that has forgotten God.”

Is there something out there which can guide us to understand the gravity of our times from this theological perspective and, more importantly, offer us a blueprint that can save America and lead it back to God?

Yes, it's the course I spent hundreds of hours over the past four months creating for this very purpose. Its relevance and importance increases by the hour in these days. The course is "The Final Hour: Fulton Sheen's Plan to Save America . . . and the World." It's over 30 hours of insightful and inspiring teaching and commentary that will give you everything you need to know to understand this critical moment in history and he we can become the greatest saints reserved for these times to win America and the world back to God.

It was originally priced low for $175 (which is a bargain for this magnitude of a course and the value it offers). But because I want this information and inspiration in front of every Catholic (and even non-Catholic), so we can win this revolution for the soul of America, I am offering this course at NO COST and placing this course and the financial needs of the Fulton Sheen Institute into the hands of Divine Providence through the intercession of St. Joseph (in this year of St. Joseph). Sign up right now by clicking here! Over 200 already have within 48 hours of its release and the feedback I have received already has been remarkably positive and inspiring.

The FSI needs generous funding to wage its war on communism and produce life-changes products and services for those who are looking for a trust-worthy guide. To support the mission and the ambitious plan of the FSI for 2021 -- which in turn supports my family of six kids -- I am asking for a generous donation for taking course, so I can invest EVERYTHING I'VE GOT into making the FSI the most powerful and influential Catholic voice in reclaiming our culture and our nation's soul for Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother.

I'll detail that ambitious plan in my next post.

Friends, THIS is the time where we must bind together, support each other, make sacrifices to fight this war and discover why God has created us for this moment of history. For Catholics, this is the greatest time to be alive. And the FSI exists to help you accomplish all of the above and joyfully.

If I'm stirring your pot, good. We all need to be stirred right now. There is too much at stake.

Every Catholic -- every American -- must decide who's side he's on and who's kingdom he serves. The FSI serves the culture of life and family and, like Fulton Sheen, declares war on communism in all of its manifestations until we restore all things in Christ.

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