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Fatima Now!

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In a powerful telecast delivered in his Life is Worth Living Series, Fulton Sheen said that the events of Fatima, especially the final apparition of October 1917, can almost be called "the birthday of the modern world because it was on that day [October 13] that the forces of good and evil seemed to reach their peak."He went on saying, "Our modern world with its great crises began on the date of October 13, 1917."

Sheen went on to describe three coinciding events taking place in three cities: Moscow, Rome and Fatima and masterfully articulated the multi-dimensional drama being orchestrated between the world and the Church as orchestrated by Heaven. Only Sheen can do justice to himself, so you can watch him present this powerful story here:

There is much that points to this coming Fall of 2020 as being the beginning of a great purification of the world that has already begun. And just as Our Blessed Mother prepared for the great miracle of the sun at Fatima on October 13 by 5 preceding months of spiritual formation, warning and prophecy, so I believe these next months are extremely important for the same purpose.

"We are living in the days of the Apocalypse, the last days of our era." - Venerable Fulton J. Sheen
"We are living in the greatest historical confrontation humanity has gone through . . . We are living in the final confrontation..." - Karol Wojytla (St. John Paul) 1976

I have used these prophetic words from Ven. Fulton Sheen and St. John Paul II many many times because every day that passes reveals more and more the truth of their words. And quite frankly, because few Catholics seem to really care and need to reminded again and again and again. The wants to dismiss Catholic prophecy through apathetic Catholics and an atheistic mass media as "fake news". And the weak-minded and spiritually asleep fall for it.

And now we are experiencing the quickening that comes at the end of major eras of history. Our Blessed Mother at Fatima has promised us that "in the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph". But that triumph will only come through an unprecedented purification of a world that has abandoned God.

That is why beginning this May 13, I am launching a multi-part series called "Fatima Now -- Spiritual Formation for the Final Confrontation". In this series (of which there is no definite number of parts as modern events will dictate the need and number), I will provide a presentation and commentary on the events surrounding Fatima and this apocalyptic age, unpacking the wisdom and power of the spiritual formation plan that Our Blessed Mother lays out for the saints of these times. We'll also look at other modern day prophetic voices that are faithful to the Church that confirm what both Sheen and John Paul II foresaw.

More than anything, we will just need to be reminded again and again because the events to come will be great and easily distracting for those not deeply rooted spiritually in living the message Fatima.

The series is FREE and when you RSVP, you will be added to a list that will keep you in the loop with the latest news and dates of future videos of this series.

See you there!


If you missed the recent historic Theology of the Body Virtual Conference, you can still all 80+ talks and view exclusive bonus features by purchasing the Premium Pass. You will be able to access to my talk "Fatima, the Theology of the Body and the Coming Triumph"as well as special access to my 60 minute questions and answer with many of the conference attendees.

Many parents have told me how powerful and impactful the talks have been for their children, whose lives are searching for purpose and their hearts seeking the meaning of true love. This conference gives you an entire library of various subjects that speak rigth to the heart of our culture's needs.

And this can be played at your parish youth groups and faith formation groups. What a sweet deal that alone is!

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