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IGNITE Roadmap Classes (6)

1. Igniting Your Love For God’s Word – “Discovering Our  Family Story and Your Place In It  (6 x 90 min Classes – includes Q&A)

2. Man and Woman Fully Alive:  Gems of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body on What It Means To Be Fully Human – (6 x 90 min Classes – includes Q&A)

3. Igniting Your Prayer Life: Pillars of Catholic Spirituality (6 x 90 min Classes – includes Q&A)

4. Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare (6 x 90 min Classes – includes Q&A)

5. Why Mary is NECESSARY in the Life of Every Christian – The Mystery of Mary and Her Mission in the Modern World (6 x 90 min Classes – includes Q&A)

6. The End of the Present World & The Mysteries of the Future Life [Four Last Things]: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell [and Purgatory] — (6 x 90 min Classes – includes Q&A)

IGNITE: Parish Transformation Roadmap”

A New formation Paradigm for a New Evangelization

How would it feel for your parish to have its own personal, well-trained theologian deliver high-caliber, life-changing theology classes that will take your understanding and experience of your Catholic faith to new heights? I am not talking about a recording, but a LIVE interactive experience of faith formation! And how would it feel if you only had to pay only a fraction for that formation in comparison to students of universities and institutes who pay tens of thousands of dollars a year to receive such formation? Why do students pay such crazy high prices? It’s not just for the degree. It is for the same reason we go to live events, conferences and concerts of our  favorite speakers and artists — even though we listen to them all the time on our digital players . . .  Because LIVE teaching always provides a greater EXPERIENTIAL impact on the attendee than recorded lessons. It’s that simple. Live events leave a unique impact on our lives. Look at the life of Jesus Christ. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us! Personal presence in teaching, preaching, coaching and mentoring makes a world of difference for the student!

Dr. Peter Howard became a theologian precisely for this purpose. Having spent two decades serving the Church in various capacities, Dr. Howard realized that it was a few professors in his many years of theological education that set a fire in his soul to fall more in love with the Truth and want to spread it to others. For most people, it was some “experience” they had of the Catholic faith that led to major decisions that affected the rest of their lives. It’s the teachers, coaches and mentors we meet in life who God uses the most to inspire us while guide us to greater intimacy with God in His Truth, Beauty and Goodness. And it is these same figures who often help us find our place in God’s plan and give us the encouragement to follow it no matter the cost.

Despite our digital social-information age, we have found ourselves less connected with others, more alone and un-inspired. Why? Because nothing in the digital world can replace the real experience. Dr. Howard wants to change that with IGNITE: Parish Transformation Roadmap. The Roadmap he offers consist of six life-changing courses which will provide a dynamic foundation that re-orient Catholics in their love for Scripture, a new discovery of their human dignity, re-calibrate their spiritual compass, get “connected” with the world of pure spirits, become equipped for spiritual battle and unveil the secrets of Our Blessed Mother that is behind the formation of today’s greatest saints!

People pay thousands of dollars for self-help personal and professional formation because they want to re-claim their lives and freedom. Well, IGNITE is Dr. Howard’s answer to the same need we Catholics have when it comes to our faith formation. Offering entire parishes and parish-teams the opportunity to bring Dr. Howard as their own personal theologian professor makes such high-impact formation possible for only a small fraction of the value of the courseper parish. Passionately taught course intensives, combined with personal interaction makes IGNITE a formation experience unlike any other. It is more than a formation, it is truly a transformation. It’s a new paradigm of formation for a new evangelization. Dr. Howard’s theological roadmap will give all the sparks needed to set a fire in your heart that you will want to share with so many others!

Contact us today and let’s ignite a spark in hearts of the families of YOUR parish, so that we fulfill what St. Catherine of Siena proclaimed: “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on FIRE!”

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