RELEASE DATEw - October 7-13 - Our Lady of the Rosary to Our Lady of Fatima


*There will be a successive rollout of modules beginning October 7 until October 13. Notifications will be sent as the modules are released. 


What better way to commemorate the 101st anniversary of priestly ordination and honor the legacy and mission of Venerable Fulton Sheen, hailed as a "prophet for our times", than to be the embodiment of his wisdom for America at a time it is needed most!!!!


This course is CRITICAL for EVERY American, especially Catholic Americans, to understand what exactly is going on at this PIVOTAL moment in American and world history. This course will also serve well those of nations around the world. We are all fighting for our marriages, our families, and our children's future and salvation. We are entering the FINAL HOUR of this war and we must all fight it.


Drawing from the prophetic and predictive insights of Venerable Fulton Sheen, Dr. Howard maps out how America (and the world) has arrived at this moment of global tyranny putting EVERY family's freedom and future at stake.


The war for America's soul has entered its final hour. How will Catholic patriots win this war and establish new foundations for a new era that Fulton Sheen said is imminent? This course provides answers and will help equip you to be the LEADER God is calling you to be.


The time to wake up everyone around you and take action is NOW.


Dr. Peter Howard, the leading expert on Venerable Fulton Sheen will show you why Venerable Fulton Sheen is the great Catholic icon of what it means to be an American patriot, a powerful priest and leader urgently needed for our times.


In this course, Dr. Howard has Sheen take you right to the heart of the culture war in America today... a war that Fulton Sheen prophesied over 80 years ago! Using Sheen as our guide, Dr. Howard will discuss what is really going on in America today, how we got here, the enemy we're up against, the true meaning of freedom, the choice we face in America today, the critical role the Eucharist must play in turning America back to God, and how America's special relationship with Our Blessed Mother is our greatest hope. Through Sheen's insights, dialed in to God's wisdom, we'll discover how we can save America, build it's true path to greatness, and provide the hope that our best years are truly still ahead . . . IF and ONLY IF we act NOW.


This is a perfect course for parents and children of voting age in preparation for the 2020 General Election in the United States. This course is also pertinent to citizens of all countries as their fate will rest on waking up and following the same plan.No matter what happens in 2020, the battle for the soul of America is entering its final hour and we must know the battle plan to win it!


Course Length: Over 12 Lessons!


Purchasing the course will give unlimited access to the course.


* All enrolled students will receive a FREE ebook of Dr. Howard's book: "The Woman - Mary as Mediatrix in the Teaching of Fulton J. Sheen."


Code to receive free eBook will be given in follow up email after enrollment.


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