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FEB. 7, 2020

Anna Mitchell of Sunrise Morning Show interviews Dr. Howard on the mission of the Fulton Sheen Institute, its key speaking event for 2020 "Vision of Our Future: Fulton Sheen's Plan for a Great America", and what Sheen saw as the root of our cultural crises today.

Son Rise Morning Show 2020-02-07Dr. Peter Howard
00:00 / 09:20

NOV. 22, 2019

Dave Palmer of Guadalupe Radio Network interviews Dr. Peter Howard on the Dec. 21 beatification news, the launch of Fulton Sheen Institute, and Fulton Sheen's two weapons to fight the cultural chaos of today. 

Fulton Sheen Institute on Guadalupe Radio Network/Dave Palmer 11-22-19.mp3Dr. Peter Howard
00:00 / 12:43

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